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Charles Parker, candidate for School Board District 2, said today that teacher and support staff salaries should coincide at a minimum with Cost-of-Living-Adjustment increases.

“Not only should teachers and staff earn a living wage,” Parker said, “but the pay should keep up yearly with how much it costs to live.” The COLA for 2018 is 2.0% - higher than the 1.5% raise teachers and staff ended with after bargaining sessions with the Brevard Federation of Teachers.

“COLA should be a starting point.Of course, there are many issues such as planning time, comp and flex time, and insurance.But base salary should have some steadiness, consistency, and reasoning behind it. “The union did a pretty good job for teachers this year.Using a time-honored and legitimate method such as COLA could make it even better,” Parker said.

Parker officially filed with the Supervisor of Elections on Wednesday and is currently assembling his campaign team. “I already have commitments from some Brevard County movers an…