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Charles Parker, candidate for Brevard District School Board District 2, said today that the school system should not fund any new projects until there is a Brevard deputy in every school.

"Regional busing should be postponed, centralizing school accounts should be tabled, and a variety of other projects shelved until we fund SRO's across the county," Parker said. "We can make a better deal with Sheriff Ivey than $130,000 per year per deputy."

Parker, who currently heads a choice program at Merritt Island High School, is a supporter of regional busing, but notes it is not a priority over safety.

"Helping kids access our great programs is important," Parker said. "And when the time is right and money is plentiful, it will be wonderful to bring it back. But now is not that time."

Parker said that the current board should have waited on a vote to contract armored cars. "There was some odd rush to get that done. It…